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First 3 SQL Server Settings to Check

You are handed a SQL Server that someone else set up and has, or more likely has not, maintained over time. You are now responsible for this server, but have limited time to check it out because of your busy… Continue Reading →

CTE: Make Your Data Easier to Query

Ever wish your data was a little different so it is easier to query? Don’t fret, we have all had those queries that are gigantic and become too cumbersome to read through or modify. A CTE, a.k.a. Common Table Expression,… Continue Reading →

Reset SQL Server sa Password

Once upon a time a vendor set up a new SQL Server at the company I was working for. For whatever reason they decided it best to not work with the local DBA. A few weeks later a server admin… Continue Reading →

My First Blog Post

I have been back and forth with the idea of blogging for a long time now. I read other people‚Äôs blogs daily and I really enjoy them. Constantly I get ideas that I would like to see blogged about, especially… Continue Reading →

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